genSOAPClientInterface {SSOAP}R Documentation

Create R functions to access SOAP server methods


This function creates function definitions, etc. that provide access to the methods described in the SOAP server description details.


genSOAPClientInterface(operations = def@operations[[1]], def, name = def@name,
                       env = new.env(), where = globalenv(), server = def@server,
                       nameSpaces = def@nameSpaces, verbose = FALSE)


operations a list of the descriptions of the server's methods. Each method description provides information about the parameters and the return value.
def the SOAPServerDescription-class object.
name currently unused
env an environment object. This is used ?
where the location (usually in the search path) where new S4 classes will be defined to represent the complex return types. This can be any value that is acceptable for the where argument of setClass, i.e. an integer, a package name (“package:name”) or, explicitly, an environment.
server an object which will be used as the server in the SOAP calls. This provides the user with a mechanism to provide an alternative server object such as one which contains a password or which already has a connection to the SOAP server, or controls the connection in different ways.
nameSpaces a character vector that identifies the namespace-URI mappings used for calls to this server. This maps the namespace abbreviations to the actual URIs. This can be a named character vector of these mappings, or alternatively a simple character string that identifies the name of the element in the .SOAPDefaultNameSpaces list. And if we don't know the collection of namespaces, we use NA to indicate that we shall determine this later.
verbose a logical indicating whether information about the processing should be displayed on the console, as it occurs.




Duncan Temple Lang <>


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 kegg = processWSDL("")
   # note that we force the use of the 1.1 name spaces to get arrays
   # handled correctly on the server side.
 iface = genSOAPClientInterface(def = kegg, nameSpaces = "1.1")

 tmp = processWSDL(system.file("examples", "KEGG.wsdl", package = "SSOAP"))
 ff = genSOAPClientInterface(tmp@operations[[1]], def = tmp, tmp@name, verbose=FALSE)

 as.character.Definition = function(x)  structure(x[["definition"]], names = x[["entry_id"]])
 as.character.list = function(x) sapply(x, as.character)

 o = ff@functions$list_organisms()


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