pmatchPattern {Biostrings}R Documentation

Longest Common Prefix/Suffix/Substring searching functions


Functions for searching the Longest Common Prefix/Suffix/Substring of two strings.

WARNING: These functions are experimental and might not work properly! Full documentation will come later.

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Thanks for your comprehension!


  lcprefix(s1, s2)
  lcsuffix(s1, s2)
  lcsubstr(s1, s2)
  pmatchPattern(pattern, subject, maxlength.out=1L)


s1 1st string, a character string or an XString object.
s2 2nd string, a character string or an XString object.
pattern The pattern string.
subject An XString object containing the subject string.
maxlength.out The maximum length of the output i.e. the maximum number of views in the returned object.

See Also

matchPattern, XStringViews-class, XString-class

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